Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. [Refund Policy] What if the copied fob(swipe pass) does not work?

A1. We provide 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ! Though this rarely happens, in case your copied fob does not work, you can bring the fob to the location you have copied within 14 days from the date you copied the fob with the receipt. 


Q2. How long does it take to copy my key fob?

A2. The whole process of fob duplication takes about 1~2 minutes per copy. 

Q3. Are you associated with building management?

A3. No, we’re not associated with any building managements. 

Q4. Will I get in trouble with my building management if they found out that I am using a copied key fob?

A4. Always refer and follow your buildings/Owners Corporation rules and regulations for this answer. Many of the lease agreements do not mention any restriction on making Key Fob copies outside of their own services.

Q5. I am concerned about the safety of my apartment in relation to this service.

A5. To copy a Key Fob, is the same as copying a physical key, you must have an original key fob for the process to work. Key Fobs are even safer than physical keys: If the building management cancels the original Key Fob code, all the copies will be canceled as well. To assure safety of your building we encourage everyone to care for their Key Fobs like they do for their physical key.

Q6. What is a Key Fob (a.k.a. access card/swipe card) ? 

A6. It’s the plastic round, oval, button or card type access control object that comes with your apartment door keys to get into the main entrance, elevator, and garage doors. We do not service the garage door (button associated) fobs, but can copy the tap part of them.

Q7. What types of fobs/access cards do you service?

A7. We service 95% of all residential apartment key fobs that access the main entrance, elevator, garage doors and/or facilities such as gym, pool, sauna etc. Brands include HID, AWID, ICT, Pyramid, Indala etc.

Q8. Do you copy car keys or door keys?

A8. No. We only copy RFID key fob/access card.

Q9. How long does the service take?

A9. 3~15minutes depending on your fob’s/access card’s encryption level. 

Q10. How do you ensure it works? I need it to work for sure.

A10. We do a quality check process of checking your fob 3+ times before handing them off to you, and guarantee is included to make sure they work properly as intended!

Q11. Where are you located?

A11. We currently have an office at Suite 312, level 3, 430 Little Collins St, Melbourne, VIC 3000. 

Q12. How Much Do You Charge?

A12. Standard pricing starts from $40 for basic fobs up to $150 for highly encrypted fobs. Discount applies to returning customers, customers copying multiple fobs, and customers referring our service to his/her friends !

Q13. Is it legal?

A13. According to our lawyers, there’s no law in the State of Victoria that restricts copying fobs/access cards if you have legal possession of them. It is just like getting a spare door key for your own house or house that you’re renting. It is advised that you consult with your own lawyer for details as the law may be different and updated frequently depending on the state. 

Q14. How does the key fob work from technical aspect?

A14. Key fobs and swipe passes utilise the technology called RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). RFID uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track tags attached to the fob or cards. Fobs contain electronically stored information unique to each fob that allows the system to decide whether to provide access to the fob holder or not, or whether to give specific access control such as particular lift levels depending on what information and access authority is stored in the fob. RFID technology is used in credit cards, public transportation cards, hotels and many more. Modern access key fobs and swipe access cards utilise extremely complex algorithm that encrypts the fobs in depth so that they are less vulnerable to malicious attack. 

Q15. Do you copy any key fobs from anyone?

A15. As key fobs are directly linked to residential building security, we only copy the key fobs when the person requesting the copy is the rightful owner of the original key fob. All customers must agree to our Terms and Conditions prior to getting a copy.