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Yes ! We copy iClass key fobs, iClass cards too.

HID iClass fob, iClass card is a security RFID access control object that is used to access apartment building and office buildings. They are used in major cities in most western countries including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide and so on.

HID iClass Fob and iClass Card are one of the most highly encrypted key fobs and therefore, only a handful of service providers can make a duplicate of them. 

Rest assured, you have found us and we can copy these in just a few minutes.

99% of key fob copying service providers cannot copy iClass cards and we are the top 1%.

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iClass Key Fobs and Cards We Copy

WeFob  Key Fob Copy in Melbourne-hid icl
WeFob Key Fob Copy in Melbourne-hid icla
WeFob  Key Fob Copy in